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  • Senza FAQs for the Ketogenic Diet Beginner

    From basic keto lingo to logging your first foods, we've compiled the most common questions from new Senza users for quick, self-serve help.
  • Smart Food Swaps

    How to satisfy your cravings and replace familiar foods without introducing problematic ingredients
  • 10 Power Features of the Senza Keto App

    Senza has a number of built-in features for power users that can save time and fine-tune your approach to following a ketogenic diet.
  • Sunday Survey Results | Keto Infographics

    Every so often on Sundays, we run a poll in the Senza feed to discover how the community feels about trending health topics. These "Sunday Surveys"...
  • 7 Water Myths and Facts

    Coach Madisen digs into the myths and facts around keto and water intake, so you can develop an approach that works for your individual hydration needs.
  • 8 Ketogenic Foods to Support Your Immune System

    Did you know that over 80 percent of your immune system resides inside your digestive tract? Read on to discover eight low-carb foods that may give...
  • 7 Ways to Log Custom Keto Meals in Senza

    Senza provides tools for you to create private items, custom ketogenic meals, and your own personal recipes.
  • Practical Ketogenic Snacks

    If crackers and chips are out, what in the world do you eat between meals after switching to ketosis?
  • What’s on Senza’s Keto Radar?

    Eating out presents one of life’s great challenges when you’re trying to follow a ketogenic way of eating. That’s where Senza’s Keto Radar feature comes in. 
  • Take It or Leave It?

    If you are hearing lots of talk about supplements that promise to accelerate the transition to ketosis and help you lose weight faster, read on.
  • Our Happy Ketogenic Health Community

    Read a sampling of the kind words and sweet notes that our users have shared about their keto journeys over the years.
  • Five Fast & Easy Ketogenic Lunches

    Tasty options for busy keto people!