10 Power Features of the Senza Keto App

Consistency is the secret to success with keto. Senza's founding team experienced this reality firsthand, so when we started to imagine how an app could teach and support the keto way of eating, we decided to optimize for efficiency. Our top priority was to make it quick and easy to plan meals, log food, and see progress over time. 

Although they may not be obvious at first glance, the free Senza app for keto and fasting has a number of built-in features for power users that can save time and fine-tune your approach to following a ketogenic diet.

Here is a list of our favorites to explore:

In the Senza Feed

Senza Keto App | Meal Plan Feed

Meal Ideas: Pull down on the feed screen any time to refresh your feed with five new meal suggestions. 


Senza Keto App | Recipe Box

Recipe Box: The Recipe Box at the top of the screen is a searchable directory of keto-friendly dishes. Search by keyword, blog name, or enter "top100" to view our curated list of the Top 100 Keto Foods


Senza Keto App | Meal Planning Reminder

% of Meals Planned: Once you begin adding meals to your journal in advance, a confirmation/reminder message appears in your feed to indicate the percent of meals planned for the next two days.

In the Senza Food Journal

Senza Keto App | Fasting Timer Icon

Fasting Feature: Senza has a built-in fasting timer, so you can see fasting windows alongside your nutrition intake. The Senza Daily Score takes fasting into account when calculating your score for the day.

Build Your Own: To log custom salad, burger, skillet, taco bowl, or other common keto meal, search with "Build Your Own" as the brand to chose from our many constructors.

USDA for Logging Whole Foods: Food records that appear with no brand in the search results are from the USDA and have the most complete nutrition profiles, as well as the most options for serving sizes. When searching for a whole food such as meat, dairy, or produce, you can enter "USDA" as the brand to find just these records.

Under your Senza profile

Senza Keto App | Exercise Settings

Exercise Settings: Senza has built-in customization for athletes, so you can make sure to refuel adequately after workouts. Go to the exercise settings under your profile to adjust your trigger level and the amounts of protein, fat, and carbs that are added on high intensity exercise days. (The default settings are geared toward moderate exercise regimens.) 

On the Senza Friends page

Senza Keto App | Keto Friends

Keto friends can log from each other's journals once they are linked as friends in the Senza app. To send an invite, go to the main menu and the Friends page, then tap the +Invite button. Once your friend accepts the invitation, visit the Friends page any time you want to log the same meal. 

Using My Food in Senza

Senza Keto App | My Food Favorites

If you are a creature of habit, use the heart icon to mark your favorites, and then log them anytime from your My Food list, found under the main menu. This part of the app also has our recipe builder, for when you modify a recipe or want to get nutrition on your own culinary creation.

On the Senza Trends page

Senza Keto App | Trends Page for Technical Keto

Did you know, you can track ketones, glucose, GKI, insulin load, exercise, weight, electrolytes, fasting, and more - all on the Senza Trends page? Take a technical approach to keto and you'll be able to pinpoint how certain foods and eating/fasting windows affect your overall results.

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