The Planet Keto Blog

  • Must Watch: Fat Fiction

    A new documentary portrays a bleak picture that will make you very angry and committed to leaving the Big Food system behind. 

  • Keto-in-Place Meal Plan #3

    For our third week of meal planning, Coach Madisen shares some of her favorite recipes for keeping it simple and eating well.
  • Keto-in-Place Meal Plan #2

    Coach James put together this week's Keto-in-Place meal plan. Have fun making six flexible low-carb recipes, including spaghetti squash chicken "pasta" and oopsie roll BLTAs.
  • NEW! Keto-in-Place Meal Plans

    Many of us suddenly are cooking more meals at home, and for more people, too. Even for dedicated home chefs, this "new normal" presents a serious challenge! Keto in Place is our way of helping. 
  • Sunday Survey Results

    When do you talk about keto? "Every chance I get." | "Only if they ask." | "Never." Find out how the Senza community voted in our recent user poll. 

  • Farm to Keto

    Last month, we tested out an experimental service to deliver keto-friendly food boxes, complete with meal plans and special treats, for a few members of our local keto community in Park City, Utah. The response was heartwarming. We delivered more than 20 weekly boxes, featuring ingredients from some of our favorite local businesses.