The Planet Keto Blog

  • 7 Water Myths and Facts

    Coach Madisen digs into the myths and facts around keto and water intake, so you can develop an approach that works for your individual hydration needs.
  • Professional Health & Wellness Services

    Senza has worked closely with experienced practitioners from day one. Reach out to them for 1-1 health coaching services delivered with the Senza app.
  • Meet Your Keto Coaches

    Senza's keto coaches are here to guide the way to a healthier you!
  • Your First Week of Keto

    Designed for the keto beginner, this one-week meal plan is a basic set of low-carb foods that just about anyone can make.  
  • Secure Your Food Future

    Find out why Senza has created a new Grass Fed Beef Program featuring Red Angus cattle raised entirely on pasture at Canyon Meadows Ranch.
  • Introducing Senza Gyoza

    Turns out, gyoza filling is keto-friendly just the way we’ve always made it. No changes needed! The wrappers, however, are another story.
  • The Sunday Surveys of 2020

    Senza’s keto polls are an interactive way to share and learn from our collective experiences. Here’s a round-up of the topics we covered in 2020.
  • Practical Keto Snacks

    If crackers and chips are out, what in the world do you eat between meals after switching to ketosis?
  • 5 Days to Keto

    Senza's built-in Keto Onramp feature guides you through the first few days of your keto journey. 
  • The Basics of Fasting

    Did you know, the Senza app includes a fasting feature to support your journey to optimal health? Learn the basics here.
  • 2020 Keto Gift Guide

    What to give the special keto person on your list? Here are 10 quick and easy ideas from products we've curated here on Planet Keto and other keto-friendly businesses that we wholeheartedly recommend.
  • Keto through the Holidays

    Holiday celebrations pose a challenge when you've switched to a keto lifestyle, and everyone handles them differently. Keep these guidelines in mind, and you won't have to abandon your keto way of eating, or miss out on holiday fun!