The Senza Daily Score Explained

How closely are you tracking to your keto macros? The Senza Daily Score evaluates your nutrition each day to encourage consistency and accountability with the keto way of eating. Here's how it works:

Daily Score Considerations

Senza Daily Score

The Senza Daily Score is based on an algorithm that considers whether you are under your carbs limit and hitting your protein target. It also factors in your fat and calorie ceilings, as well as eating window (shorter is better). The scale goes from 0 to 99. Any result above 90 means you are on track to reach your goal. A score below 70 will not be sent to your feed, since the score is not meant to be demotivating.

Senza generates the Daily Score at 10am your local time the next morning, to allow time for finishing up your logging from the day before.

Note, the Daily Score can be generated only if you log more than 50% of your calories for the day, or a fast. Without this information, the algorithm cannot evaluate your journal accurately.

Your Streak

The score report also includes your logging streak for consecutive days of tracking food intake. The streak resets after any day when no foods or fast are logged to your journal. You can log up to seven days in the past to fill in missing foods and restore your streak. Some of the most experienced Senza users have logging streaks of 500 days or more!

Your Weekly Report

Senza Weekly Summary Keto Report

Each Monday, Senza delivers a summary of your scores for the week, along with your score for that day.

If you make any adjustments to your journal after a score is generated, the score will update with the next weekly report. A gray bar displays for any day when a score was not generated.


Common Questions

How can I improve my score?

The main levers to raise a score include: lowering carbs, increasing protein, and shortening the eating window with intermittent fasting. For specific suggestions, tap the coaching button in the app and ask for assistance with understanding that day's score.

Why didn't I get a score?

First, make sure it is after 10am your local time. Then, check to see that you logged at least 50% of your calories for the day, or a fast. Also make sure you are linked to Senza Score Reports on your Friends page under the main menu. Deleting this connection unsubscribes you from the Daily Score feature. If all of these steps check out, please contact the Senza Support Team in the app for assistance.

I receive the Daily Score by email. How can I see it in my feed?

The earliest Senza users received the score by email before it was available as a feature in the app. Use the coaching button to request a link to Senza Score Reports and the team will be happy to connect you to this option.

Can I unsubscribe from the Daily Score?

Yes, the score is an optional feature, and if at any time you decide it's not helpful to your journey, you can disconnect from Senza Score Reports on your Friends page in the app.

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it."

The Daily Score provides a measurable way to stay on track and maximize the benefits of a keto lifestyle. Keep hitting your macros, and keto on!

Content provided by Senza is not medical advice. It is intended for informational and educational purposes only.