Ketogenic Recipes for the Senza Community

  • Fluffy Egg Muffins

    Whip up these fluffy carnivore-keto egg muffins for a perfect breakfast, along with bacon and some melted butter on top.
  • Carnivore Pao de Queijo

    Enjoy these deliciously cheesy and protein-packed Carnivore Pão de Queijo, made without any flour for a perfect carnivore-keto snack.
  • Whipped Cream & Jello

    Treat yourself to this light and refreshing carnivore-keto snack with whipped cream and electrolytes.
  • Carnivore Lasagna

    Dig into this hearty carnivore lasagna with layers of ground beef, cheese, and bacon - all without the noodles.
  • Carnivore Toffee Bites

    Savor these rich and buttery carnivore toffee bites, made simply with just butter for a decadent low-carb treat.