Year in Review: Health Wins for 2022

At the end of 2022, the Senza health coaching team sent one last poll out to our keto community:

"Who lost 22 lbs or more in 2022?"

We invited all of our keto and fasting app users to share the progress they experienced while following a keto and intermittent fasting lifestyle. Hundreds of people responded within a matter of hours, and the answers astounded us -  ranging from an exact date when they reached the 22# milestone to a detailed recap of their journey throughout the year.

Here are some of the highlights we've compiled for a look back at the achievements of 2022. Thanks to all our Senza friends for sharing their inspiring health transformation stories:

"I started using Senza when I started keto in 2019. I lost over 22 pounds in 6 months and have kept the weight off for 3 years! I still do keto and use Senza everyday to keep me accountable and on track."


Weight Loss Graph | Senza Keto Fasting App 

Mid-year Keto Milestones

By mid-April, Mina already has lost 23 lbs since starting in January.

Monica hits 22 lbs of weight loss on July 8th and will drop 30 lbs by year-end.

Elizabeth has lost 75 lbs by early July, with 800+ days logged under her NC limit:

 Weight Loss Graph | Senza Keto App

Sheila also begins her keto journey in July and drops 25 lbs in 6 months:

Weight Graph | Senza Keto Fasting App

Abby is 25 lbs down by August after following keto for about 9 months.

Colleen sails right past her target weight and will finish the year down almost 30 lbs.

"I lost 50 lbs three and a half years ago (hit my target weight). Now at 1,319 days on the app and have maintained my weight using Senza, flexing between keto and low carb.” 

- Mark 

September is a big month for Senza community achievements:

  • Misty, Glenn, Nicole and others have lost “22 in ’22” - nice work!
  • Larry starts keto with Senza on September 27th and goes on to drop 45 lbs by December.
  • Mel tracks more than 1770 days with Senza, resulting in a weight loss of 32 lbs and passes her target weight this month.
  • Colleen is down 22 lbs by the end of the month and continues to hit 65 lbs of weight loss by year-end:

Senza Weight Graph

Juls and Emily each report 30 lbs of weight loss in October.

Bob gets back to keto in October and will lose 32 lbs by the end of the year.

Micaela starts keto in November of 2021 and will close the year 50 lbs lighter:

Weight Loss Graph | Senza Keto App 

December Keto Milestones

In December, Mike completes a successful month of keto since starting right after Thanksgiving.

Bonnie has dropped 15 lbs in 6 months.

Michele hits the 22 lb mark early in the month and goes on to drop 34 lbs by year-end.

Norma, Kris, Dawn, Gold, Emily, Michelle, Randy, Dotty, Sheila, Lexi, Sumayah, E.S. and many others all achieve 22# or more in ’22.

“I've lost over 40 lbs in the last 193 days and adjusted my target 3 times, exceeded 2 goals so far and closing in on my third. I have also had to change my wardrobe three times already, so I've made several large clothing donations to the local homeless shelters & Goodwill.”

- Dan

Kathee reports that she has maintained her 30 lb weight loss from 2021 during the current year. Stacey has lost 50 lbs, Cynthia has lost 49 lbs, and DH records a weight loss of 55 lbs for the year:

Weight Loss Graph | Senza Keto App

Mark, Susan, Pat and others maintain their significant weight losses from previous years through all of 2022! And Sarah reports that she has lost 22 lbs many times over – for a total of 80+ lbs lost since starting her keto journey 500 days ago:

Weight Loss Graph | Senza Keto App

Alfred joins the 500 Club after losing 30 lbs in 3 months. He has maintained his target weight for more than a year.

Emilie has been with Senza more than two years and lost nearly 50 lbs.

Carol has said goodbye to 35 lbs since she found Senza 1700 days ago.

Jeff joins the 500 Club with a documented weight loss of 35+ lbs.

Christy gets a shout-out for consistency, with 1100 days logged below her NC limit and more than 80 lbs shed since she began the journey.

Jerry and Kathleen are our keto couple of the year, with a combined weight loss of 50 lbs and daily tracking of their nutrition for more than 150 days.

“I weighed 322 at the end of October. By reducing both my carb count and caloric intake, as well as incorporating cardio and weightlifting to my program, I lost 32 lbs, bringing in the New Year at 290 and shrinking.”

- Bob

Susan has logged for 50 days in a row and lost 8 lbs so far.

Brook tracks 900+ days with Senza and records a weight loss of 40 lbs

Debi logs 1200 days with Senza, reaches her goal and has lost 55 lbs to date.

Monica has logged more than 220 days of keto and recorded 50 lbs lost.

Lisa drops 40 lbs doing keto for a year.

James writes that he has lost 34 lbs this year and powered through a weight loss plateau in the fall, then decided to get serious about tracking macros and downloaded Senza to assist with tracking.

Weight Loss Graph | Senza Keto Fasting App

"I am so happy to report achieving my goal weight. I had doubts it was too ambitious. Senza was so helpful and I used it religiously to make sure I was observing my numbers. After using Senza for over 420 days, I no longer feel the need to fill out everything because by now, I am so used to using my new style of eating, it's just what I do now. I know how to shop, what to make, love the availability of keto products and satisfying substitutes."

- Hillary 

And perhaps our most memorable holiday greeting came from David, who writes that three years into his successful keto transformation, he has maintained his goal weight for over a year:

"Unless I am somewhere without internet service, if it goes in my mouth, it goes on my Senza!"

Happy 2023 everyone - be well!