Coaches' Corner: Meet Kim!

Coach Kim is a true keto ambassador who discovered this way of getting healthy around the same time that Senza debuted in the App Store. She started helping clients professionally five years ago and has been a top contributor of recipes, meal plans, and good vibes in the Senza community ever since. We couldn't be more excited to offer our Keto Reset Program with her! Read on to learn more about Kim's experience and approach to helping others learn the secret to success with a keto lifestyle.

Where did you first learn about the keto way of eating?

Coach Kim: In 2017, a coworker/friend started following the lifestyle in an attempt to treat health issues that she couldn’t overcome through traditional medicine. I became very interested in joining her when she explained the countless ways the keto lifestyle could improve your health. I’ve always been into living a healthy lifestyle, but I had hit a weight loss plateau and had poor energy levels. I decided to try something new to support my friend and to see how the keto lifestyle could improve my own health. 

There are many different ways that people do keto. How would you describe your approach?

Coach Kim: I am a compassionate coach who is extremely passionate about helping others feel their best. My goal is to help clients achieve their health goals through lifestyle changes that are sustainable and based on the individual's needs. I work closely with my clients to ensure they are armed with all the tools and information needed to make sustainable changes. I feel my coach/client relationships are a partnership. I can relate to my clients! That provides the framework for cultivating a relationship based on trust and sets the foundation for assisting clients in making positive mindset changes.   

What inspired you to get certified as a keto and intermittent fasting coach?

Coach Kim: Along my own journey, many friends and family members noticed the amazing changes that were happening as I lost weight. They became interested in what I was doing and started coming to me for guidance and support. It brought me so much joy to hear how great my friends and family members were feeling as they started following this lifestyle. As more and more people came to me for help, I decided that I wanted to make sure I was giving the best advice possible. I decided to take a certification course through Dr. Eric Berg. I was so excited to learn as much as I could about the lifestyle, and I have been coaching clients ever since I completed the course in 2018. 

How did you discover the Senza app for keto and fasting?

Coach Kim: I browsed the internet looking for an app that was user-friendly and could help me be more efficient about tracking macros. I tried a few that just didn’t work out for me. One day, I stumbled upon Senza and absolutely loved it. I thought the feed with recipes constantly running was amazing for ideas. I found that the journal for tracking was brilliant, especially since you could scan labels and easily enter food items into your day. The more I used it, the more features I discovered. I have been recommending this app to my clients and monthly challenge groups for years. It's so nice to receive feedback from my clients on helps to keep them on track. As a coach, this kind of platform helps me out tremendously!  

What makes keto sustainable for you and your clients?

Coach Kim: The keto lifestyle is sustainable for so many reasons! #1, I love delicious food. Who doesn’t, right?! This lifestyle has taught me that you can eat yummy food, lose weight, not feel deprived, and feel incredible, all while you are becoming your healthiest self. My clients and challenge participants experience this too, and they often comment on how keto is the only lifestyle that works for them. It’s absolutely the only one that has worked for me!

Would you share one of your most memorable experiences as a practitioner in this field?

Coach Kim: I’ve worked with so many amazing people throughout the years. Many have become friends and continue to do my monthly challenges for the support and guidance. Each client I work with is special to me!

One who stands out in particular is a gentleman I worked with a few years ago. His Type 2 Diabetes was becoming out of control and the need to adjust medications constantly was becoming super expensive for him. He was about to retire and wanted to feel good and have the ability to be active during his golden years. I worked with him for six weeks. In that time, his doctor was able to reduce and de-prescribe some of his meds. He lost weight, experienced great energy, and felt ecstatic that he could eat delicious food while managing his diabetes with fewer medications. He continued on his journey and followed up with me on occasion after he completed my coaching program. Last I heard, he had lost 50 pounds and his doctor was thrilled with the results.

Many people believe that keto is not sustainable. What would you say is the secret to long-term success with the keto way of eating?

Coach Kim: I believe it has everything to do with mindset. Once you decide your health is important - and that YOU are important - you get a whole new outlook on why you should fuel your body the best way you know how. There is no depriving yourself with this lifestyle, and once you start to feel amazing you absolutely do not want to go back to your old ways.

Oftentimes, clients come to me feeling overwhelmed about what they’ve read about keto. As a coach, I try to simplify the process for my clients to ensure they can learn the lifestyle and focus on fueling properly rather than trying to decipher what's myth and fact on the internet. I have found that long-term success for some people means finding a supportive group of likeminded people to team up with – and this is where my monthly challenges come into play. Participants keep coming back to stay on track, and I am forever grateful for them – they are my keto tribe.

Where do you want to be professionally one year from now?

Coach Kim: It is my passion and also my pleasure to work with others on their health goals and overall wellbeing. My hope is to continue to grow my 4 Week Challenge group. I feel there are so many benefits to having support from others who have the same goal in mind – optimal health! I would also love to continue spreading the good word on this wonderful lifestyle and grow my one-on-one coaching business.

Last but certainly not least, I’ve recently teamed up with Senza on a Keto Reset Program that is offered as a small group coaching program through the app. I’m super excited to combine my personal and professional experience with all of Senza's hidden features to guide each group of participants through a month-long program. 

Senza is the perfect platform to give individualized coaching and support because it's a mobile app that people can take along wherever they go. I'm connected to each participant as their coach in the app, which means I can see their nutrition intakes and send daily tips and motivation to the group, as well as one by one. I believe this digital model is the future of health coaching. If we can improve the quality of life for even a few people, it's worth the effort to create something new.

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