Our Happy Ketogenic Health Community

Wondering who participates in Senza's global wellness community, and what kind of results they experience? Here is a sampling of the kind words and sweet notes that our members have shared about their ketogenic journeys over the years: 

How happy are you with your keto journey so far?

"I am below 200 lbs for the first time in more than 30 years."

- Angie

  • "Very happy..if it wasn't for Senza I would have given up a long time ago." 
    - Rose Anne
  • "Excellent! Past the diet stage and in the lifestyle stage. Always learning more about hormones, IF, autophagy, muscle mass and protein, etc; overcame obesity, currently overweight with normal as my destination. It's an adventure!"
    - Ben
  • "Feeling good about keto. Achieved weight loss goal, -75 lbs. Working on adjusting macros for weight maintenance."
    - James

What's the main way Senza helps you with keto?

"When I want something to eat, I look at Senza first. It’s an amazing app. As the day goes by, I can journal what I am thinking of eating before I eat it to make better macro decisions. Appreciate quick coach responses."

- Karen 

  • "By automatically calculating my macros, suggesting recipes, and giving different tools to improve my knowledge of the World of Keto. Last but not least, answering promptly to every question I have made. Thanks so much. You are awesome!!!":star-struck: 
    - Sheila
  • "Senza helps me make good food choices."
    - Catherine
  • "The food journal to keep track of macros and calories is very motivating. I like the daily score as a measure of success."
    - Patty Ann
  • "By helping me keep track of net carbs. I think it’s a great app and really helps me. Many thanks I was so impressed to get a personal reply from a coach to my question."
    - Helen

Non-Scale Victories

"I have dropped my clothes a whole size and they are baggy on me."

- Annette

  • "My NSV is how toned my arms and legs are! I love wearing summer clothes now!"
    - Andi
  • "Blood pressure is now under control."
    - Randy
  • "Lots of extra energy"
    - Elena
  • "Cravings are nil"
    - Jaea
  • "Big skin improvement. Brain fog mostly gone. Happier mood."
    - Marlee
  • "I'm more active and physically fit."
    - Kelley

"Achy joints, gone. I'm running up and downstairs now, no longer a step at a time, sideways." | "Inches have fallen off..." | "My belly is looking slimmer!" | "Loss of heartburn and better sleep!" | "Able to go down a dress size"

Keto Non Scale Victories Word Cloud | Senza App

Gratitude and Senza Love

"Not a question. thank you for this help so much. I'm 5 days in and I can see the path in front of me. Lifestyle changes are difficult, obviously you know that. I've fought through the"flu" and am already feeling the physical and mental effects in myself. The light inside of me is burning brighter just from the focus I've put back on myself. This app and the feedback I've received is incredible. The light warrior inside of me is awakening again. Namaste"

- Seth

  • "Thank you so much for the in-depth response. Now that I hear you say that it is counterintuitive I understand and I will return my calories to what you originally suggested. This is an incredible app where you can ask questions and they are addressed immediately. I am very thankful. I don’t think I would have been so successful on my weight loss so far without this app thank you so much." - Nicole
  • "Thanks so much for your response to my question about Carnivore. Your tips and articles reassured me that I am on track and doing the right things. I am about to take a weekly plunge into liver as well, haha. Hopefully, the scale will show solid results too." - Kim
  • "This is honestly the best app I’ve used. It’s easy to use and you get so much help and information!! Love it " - Tammy
  • "Senza is the best app I've found for Keto, especially since I've never lost this much weight, and kept it off, in my entire 58 years of life!" - Luana 

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