Secure Your Food Future

“To be interested in food, but not food production, is clearly absurd.”

– Wendell Berry, as quoted in Sacred Cow

You’ve made the decision to go keto, and now animal-based foods dominate the shopping list. How can you be sure the meat you buy is the right choice for your body, your community, and the environment? And are you prepared to defend your choice as the way-of-eating wars rage on? 

Senza’s founding team has been asking these hard questions and digging into the answers for many years. We’re ready to help you leave the industrial food system behind and secure access to protein that is healthy and responsible. Read on to discover why we partnered with Canyon Meadows Ranch in Utah, and how you can get involved.

Wrong food, wrong system

Any way you look at it, mass-produced food tends to make us sick. Whether it's residual pesticides, artificial ingredients, or chemically produced seed oils, there are real and lasting consequences to the way we choose to eat. Over the last 60+ years, Big Food has locked consumers into a dangerous system. Every part of it, from grocery stores and pharmaceuticals to doctors and government, spreads confusion and fear over what's good for your body or not. 

Big Food Lock-in | Senza Planet KetoThis centralized system churns out massive quantities of food-like substances, most of which lack the essential nutrients humans need to thrive. It’s not a healthy way to eat, and as widespread shortages of 2020 revealed, it’s a shockingly fragile system. No matter how finely tuned it is for efficiency, Big Food always will be vulnerable to disruption.

Once you see industrial agriculture for what it is – an exceptionally efficient but risky way of producing exactly the wrong foods to nourish the human body – you cannot go back.

The alternative: Decentralized food

If you want a resilient food supply chain, diversity is the only answer. At Senza, we believe the food that sustains us should come from gardens and farm stands, neighbors and friends – not from corporations like Cargill, SYSCO or ADM. We also understand that nutrient-dense animal protein underpins optimal human health. For these reasons, we’ve experimented with building our personal food supply chain around small farms everywhere we've lived, from the Capay Valley in northern California to the Hudson River Valley in New York and now, the mountains outside of Salt Lake City.

At first, it was a challenge to plan and shop for food this way. However, as we got a feel for how much protein our family needs and learned to cook with a wider variety of meats, including wild game, we found it to be surprisingly economical compared to the impulse buys we'd make at the supermarket. Buying direct from farms that don't use pesticides or ship their food across the globe has allowed us to reduce "food miles" while supporting the restoration of pasture, soil, and water. Plus, we experience the added benefit of talking to the people who grow our food, seeing how they care for the land, and feeling a real connection to what they do.

Yet even with plenty of practice buying food this way and an abundance of passion, decision fatigue is real. Too often, we still find ourselves back in the grocery store, regretfully purchasing the fake food we vowed to avoid.

We want to make this easier for you!

As a first step, we set up a program for our extended Carnivore Keto family to secure an ongoing supply of grass-fed beef raised on a single farm in the foothills of northern Utah. The Myrin family at Canyon Meadows Ranch raises cattle following regenerative agriculture methods, which means they work with nature instead of against it, producing meat in a way that is healthy, sustainable, and ethical. We are certain that you will taste and feel the difference.

Why we're building a better food system

Threats to the carnivore/keto way of eating are real and intensifying by the day. Meat eaters face judgement by a society that doesn't understand human nutrition and policies that reinforce mis-nutrition. Beyond Meat and Impossible patties are just the beginning. Lab-grown meat start-ups have become Silicon Valley's darlings, and there is a staggering amount of investment behind the campaigns to stop people from eating animal protein. It’s not a stretch to imagine censorship and taxation on the horizon.

If food sovereignty and access to animal-based foods from sources you trust are important to you, we invite you to join us in building a decentralized food system – one that protects your right to eat a nutrient-dense diet, while also nourishing land, animals, and people alike.

Learn more about Senza's Grass Fed Beef Program.


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